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Ep. 173 – Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy the World?

We live in a rapidly changing world where we see advancements we’d never have thought possible just a few years ago. Listen as the guys discuss AI and the technology of the future, what we see happening through it today, and how believers can prepare for tomorrow.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss AI, or artificial intelligence, and whether it will destroy the world. AI is the science of engineering and making of machines with human-like characteristics and kicked off in 1956. Not too long ago, we would have written off AI and never believed it could happen, but AI has already started, and even Elon Musk has shared that he is afraid of it. There is an argument that the whole world needs to lay down regulations for AI with a global summit with all nations. Many believe we need to put parameters and limitations around AI because there will be danger if we do not, and that people will abuse this technology and eventually it will exceed human intelligence.

First, the guys discuss how Christians need to be very wise with how we use artificial intelligence. The danger begins when we use AI to think for us, instead of thinking for ourselves. AI will increase the dwindling of our creative consciousness, which is what reflects our Creator. If AI goes rogue, it could start tapping into every cell phone and machine, and even the experts are concerned. Humans have already manipulated one another, and in some countries people have used social media to manipulate political elections. If humans could do this without AI, imagine what they can do with it. It’s important to remember that we are not just fighting AI or wicked people in the world, but there is an evil, spiritual force that is working against Christians and the Lord.

Many religions and people want to become like God, and AI is an attempt to do just that. However, we cannot become like God; He already came to the world to become like us. Even though AI is attempting to conquer physical death, God has already conquered death through the cross. God is not worried about artificial intelligence, so we don’t need to be either. AI will not and cannot save the world because God already did, and God is still in the business of saving. As Christians, we need to keep increasing our critical thinking skills by reading books. Our culture today looks for one-liners and quick answers. We do not think about problems and issues as much as we should, and often lack strong processing skills. We must move away from quick and easy information and instead work toward increasing our critical thinking and processing skills. However, AI can also be exciting in how we can use it to further the gospel, as it could be a tool by which opportunities to share the Good News are made available.

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