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Ep. 227 – How to Combat Wokeness in the Church

In a candid dialogue with Josh Buice on the turbulence of shifting societal norms, the guys explore the seismic effects of wokeness on the Church and the urgency of binding ourselves to God's Word as the ultimate measuring rod for justice.

Show Notes

The subject of racism and the influence of wokeness on the Church is a topic that stirs emotions and sparks passionate discussions. In this podcast episode, the guys have an in-depth dialogue with Josh Buice, founder and president of G3 Ministries, to explore these crucial matters and their impact on the Church.

Josh Buice provides an insightful exploration of the impact of wokeness on the Church. As a strong advocate for the gospel’s unifying power, he sheds light on the divisive nature of wokeness, which rather than fostering unity, further fractures the Church. Buice emphasizes the importance of adhering to God’s Word as the ultimate guide for justice, a crucial message in the wake of the rising popularity of the woke agenda.

The conversation also navigates the transformative journey of G3 Ministries, which originated from a humble church campus and evolved into a resonating voice that champions biblical truth. This journey is a testament to the power of faith and commitment to standing firm in the face of shifting societal norms.

In discussing the impact of wokeness on the Church, the episode brings to the fore the issues of the “Me Too” and “Church Too” movements, and the increasing endorsement of critical race theory in the Southern Baptist Convention. The conversation presents a critical examination of the concept of intersectionality and its role in the wokeness movement.

The discussion provides listeners with the necessary tools to understand and resist harmful ideologies. It emphasizes the need for a fortified theology of justice and the importance of a classical education in equipping young people to defend their faith.

The podcast concludes with a reflection on Christian leadership in a changing society. In the face of the growing influence of social justice on the Christian faith, it stresses the importance of applying God’s Word as the ultimate guide for justice, as opposed to the trend of social gospel justice influenced by cultural Marxism.

This podcast episode is a call for all Christians to actively engage in discussions around wokeness, racism, and the Church’s role in justice. It encourages listeners to not only listen and learn but to actively engage in this crucial conversation. The power to resist harmful ideologies lies not just in awareness but in understanding and action.

This episode was recorded at G3 2023 National Conference.

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