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Ep. 127 – How to Experience Personal Revival

Have you ever felt distanced from God? Many Christians experience a "slump" in their Christian walk, so today the guys encourage listeners by discussing personal revival and coming back to a vibrant relationship with the Lord.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss how to experience personal revival. Personal revival, E.Z. explains, is gained by coming back to the things that put you in the place of understanding that Christ is the center of it all. In this state, a person has integrated Christ into every area of their lives rather than living by compartmentalization. This comes from having a hunger and thirst for righteousness and being in the presence of God.

Simply put, there is no global or national revival without personal revival. Oftentimes, we can go about our Christian lives and duties but forget that the primary reason the church exists is to be a tabernacle of witness. If we want to be effective, we must present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God and not hold anything back. The miracle of personal revival is that we love doing the acts God wants us to do. Part of the challenge for many is the lack of obedience and short attention span. Discipleship, however, requires daily discipline and unwavering obedience. Once we begin to practice obedience despite how we feel or are being told, we begin to be revived.

Next, hear about some ways we as believers can stir up our own personal revivals. It is crucial for every Christian to understand that we would not be alive if not for God’s grace. Because God has given us this life, we owe Him everything. Despite its connotation, repentance is one of the most beautiful words because it is a sign of hope and the potential for forgiveness. Repentance is always connected to a change of behavior. A liturgy, for example, is a spiritually-forming habit. One of the main characteristics of historically great men of God is that they all had discipline. It is important to realize that the things we place the most value on will impact how we behave. One can obtain discipline by realigning our value system to coincide with God’s value system. Our daily habits are a way of realigning our compasses. Spending time in God’s word, prayer, and devotion will realign your compass and make sure you are pointing towards heaven. In closing, we are reminded that devotion is not just a daily ritual lasting a few minutes, but the act of submitting ourselves completely to God.

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