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Ep. 126 – How to Handle Criticism and Correction

How should we react when criticism comes our way? Ray Comfort and the guys are no strangers to this occurrence, and share wisdom from experience of how to respond when we receive it, as well as how to give correction in a godly way.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss how to handle criticism and correction. Though the word “criticism” often comes with a negative connotation, we are reminded that criticism can be constructive, too. When it does come our way, the very first thing we should do is slow down and consider the source. Coming from a loving friend or family member who cares for you, criticism should always hit deeper than when coming from someone you are not close to. We all need someone in our lives who is not impressed by us, who God can use to sanctify us and offer constructive criticism. When that person approaches you with loving correction, you should listen.

We can often find ourselves undone based on the criticism we have received. However, it is important to consider the substance and truth of the criticism. We should practice seeking truth rather than defending rights. The reason we usually don’t like criticism is a result of our pride, but as believers, criticism can be beneficial when we are in the right mindset to receive it. This can go the other direction, too, when it comes to giving constructive criticism to someone else. When we are correcting someone, we should do it with humility and gentleness because we don’t always have the full picture of what might be going on. These instances can be viewed as the opportunity to have a loving conversation with somebody so the truth may be revealed.

It is crucial to remember that everything in our life in terms of our conduct boils down to the fruit of the Spirit and of love. When we correct without seeking our own, it is out of consideration of 3 things: the person has sinned against God, hurt themselves, and hurt others from undermining the testimony of the gospel. In this case, we’re seeking the best not for ourselves, but for God and others. The only way to achieve this selflessness is through patience, time with the Word, and prayer. Finally, we are urged to be open and receiving of correction which comes from a place of love.

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