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Ep. 91 – How to Resolve Marital Problems

Our culture has a fundamental misunderstanding of what marriage is. In this episode, the guys discuss the true nature of marriage, marital problems, and how God's glory is displayed through this beautiful covenant.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss marital problems and how to solve them. To begin, they each share how long they have been married themselves. For many people, their weddings are the best day of their lives. However, the focus on the day of our weddings should be not on us, but on the covenant we are making before God. Our culture has a fundamental misunderstanding of what a marriage is. Rather than a stepping stone in the list of achievements, we should see marriage as a way in which we can glorify God and in which God can sanctify us.

Ultimately, marriages consist of  two sinners entering into a covenant together. In this covenant, God intends to use us to reveal sin in our lives and refine us to be more like our Savior. This means we will be challenged and the darkest crevices of our hearts will be revealed to our spouses. When it comes to healthy marriage, a theological foundation gained through reading the Word together is absolutely necessary. James 4 tells us that all human conflict is rooted in spiritual idolatry. One of the worst things a couple can do is work to change their spouse into each other’s likeness. Instead, we are to evolve alongside our spouse into Christ’s likeness.

If you are in a stage of marital conflict, you are urged to start by thinking of where you yourself have sinned against God. Even among churchgoers, the divorce rate in the U.S. is about 50%. A survey by the National Association of Marriage Enhancement found that less than 1% of couples divorce if they engage in daily prayer together. Our oneness as a couple plays a key role in the proliferation of Godly offspring. If you are not in the habit of daily devotion or prayer with your spouse, the most important thing is to just start. When we think we don’t have time for something, we should remember that time is a symbol of our priorities and God desires for your priority to be Him, and then your marriage. A gospel-centered community is a foundational aspect of a healthy marriage that is missing in most marriages today. In closing, we are reminded that grace is always the key.

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