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Ep. 175 – How to Strike Back When Tragedy Strikes

Returning guest Pat Nemmers shares his personal testimony of loss and grief, and how God has used those painful experiences to grow his faith and character. We are reminded that while we live in this fallen world we will have troubles, but we have assurance in God that one day all will be made well.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, returning guest Pat Nemmers joins the guys to discuss tragedy through the lens of his newest book, “Retractions.” Tragedy is a real part of the Christian faith. When we look to Scripture, we see that those who were most used by the Lord were often the people who went through the most difficult circumstances. Today’s conversation will discuss how believers can bounce back after experiencing a tragedy by clinging to the Lord for hope to thrive in a way that honors Him.

To begin, Pat explains that some spiritual things are never seen until we are in a dark place. Pat’s dark night of the soul came when his wife of nearly 17 years suffered a heart attack and died in his arms. Pat shares the hardest part of the event, which was telling his 7 children that their mother was no longer with them. Then, he unpacks times before his family experienced this tragedy that he lacked compassion that he now realizes he could have shown.

Pat suggests that it is because God loves us that He has given us the gift of suffering. He offers advice on how Christians can hold on to their faith during tragedy and turn it into something beautiful. To those who are currently grieving, he informs that grief does ultimately have a limit. Then, Pat shares the story of seeing a powerful double rainbow which was God’s reminder to him that his wife was in glory in heaven; this realization came on the basis of this truth: to be absent from the body and present with the Lord. For listeners going through tragedy, he believes now is the time to lean into this fundamental truth. The reality is that suffering and joy are always part of our lives. Until the fullness of Jesus is recognized here on earth as it is in Heaven, we will always be living with the pains of sin and death. The gospel provides us with the knowledge that our loved ones who believed are with Christ in heaven and that one day God will fulfill His promise that every tear will be wiped away.

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