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Ep. 176 – Taming the Rebel: How to Respond Righteously to Rebellious Children

We all want (and expect) to be perfect parents, but what happens when our plans don’t pan out and our children rebel? Guest Pat Nemmers shares his own experience with a rebellious son and offers encouragement and godly wisdom about faith and grace.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys are rejoined by guest Pat Nemmers to discuss the unsettling topic of rebellion. Christians sometimes have a tendency to use our children as a trophy of our own sanctification, and forget about grace. The scriptures give us truisms for parenting but these are not guarantees. Without the faithful work of Christ, none of our kids could be saved. Thus, we should not take any credit, but offer it to God.

In this discussion, Patrick recalls for us the rebellion of his son John and the pain he felt watching him get arrested for physical violence. One night, while lying in bed and pleading with God for the soul of his son, Pat felt God speak to him. At this moment, God pointed out to Patrick that he does not trust Him. After this, Pat felt a newfound sense of peace despite the tumultuousness of his son’s life. Next, Pat offers advice for parents currently dealing with a “problem child” of their own. If your children know the gospel, he reminds them it isn’t necessary for you to declare it to them every day. Rather, this is where grace and love come into play. Similarly, the Lord will give you peace if you ask of Him. Time spent without children is the most valuable thing we can give to them. As Christians, there is sometimes a wrong time to do the right thing. While working and spending time with God’s Word are good things, we must make the time we share with our families a priority. Before wrapping up, Pat shares about how his son John eventually came back to Christ and has never looked back. Listeners are reminded that to deal with sin in a sinful way is just as sinful. The best thing to do is to lead by example and be present with our children.

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