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Ep. 32 – The Effectiveness of Prayer

Today, the guys tackle one of the biggest struggles in a Christian's daily walk: prayer. How can we pray "without ceasing," and do so effectively? In this episode you can find encouragement and practical advice for making this powerful tool a continual habit; and in doing so, we come to realize that it is not the power of prayer that makes a difference, but the power of God.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys tackle the topic of the power of prayer, which is often one of the biggest struggles for Christians Without prayers, man could never accomplish as much as he could with it. Prayer can get us to the place of knowing how we are doing based on what we pray. The guys question the legitimacy and intimacy of the common prayer, and urge listeners to recognize God’s presence in prayer rather than inviting Him in. One of the largest issues of prayer is lack of faith. The reality of prayer is that we are praying to our Father, in Heaven, who sits on the throne.

Many people are hesitant and insecure about coming before God. To those people, remember that as a Chrisitan, you are a son or daughter of a Father in Heaven who reigns over all creation. God isn’t concerned with your stumbles while speaking to him, He just wants to hear from us. It is important to recognize this relationship we have with God and not only pray to Him when we are in need. When we come before God, we must be clothed in the humility of our hearts and ensure our prayers are not selfish.

The message isn’t the power of prayer, but rather the power of God. Listen as the guys each share their favorite places to pray. One way to strengthen your prayer life is by practicing by reading the Psalms daily and re-wording them to fit your own life. It’s important to never be discouraged by prayer and realize that God always answers every prayer in His own way. Anything too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden. For those who often feel distance in their relationship with God, prayers offer a wonderful opportunity to realize how near he is to each of us. As the episode wraps up, the guys ask listeners to include them and their ministry in their prayers.

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