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Ep. 31 – The Fear of the Lord

We often hear about fearing God, but what does this actually mean? Are we supposed to be afraid of God? In this episode, the guys discuss what the fear of the Lord is, as well as how we can cultivate a healthy fear of God in our personal lives.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys tackle the topic of the fear of the Lord. The Bible is soaked in promises to those who fear the Lord. Through this fear of the Lord, men depart from evil. Today, the distinction between the creature and the Creator is falling apart, and many people have a nonchalant attitude towards God as their casual friend.

Ultimately, fear is not a bad thing. It is recognizing that something has power over us, and finding comfort in that fact. How do we distinguish fearing God vs. fearing damnation? For the Christian, fear of God does not involve terror or dread, but rather awe, respect, wonder and reverence. The first mention of the fear of God is in Genesis 22. When we fear God, we are actively putting him first above all else. In the culture we live in now, some people may argue that we can’t have a healthy relationship with a God we’re supposed to fear.  However, God saw the fullness of our sins, and still he loved us and made us His own. Our relationship with him is based on the reality of that, what we deserve and how He responded. The beginning of our relationship with God is not fear, but grace, as he made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

As Christians, it’s not just about the fear of God alone, but uncovering how to put the fear of God in the unGodly. Law without punishment is nothing but good advice. It’s crucial that we fear God in order to prepare ourselves for the wrath to come at the cross. It is the realization of who God is and the kindness he has exhibited. As we grow in our relationship with God, we realize that we are smaller than we ever thought, and his power is even greater. We can tell if someone fears God by what they do in private and how they react when they sin. While our fear should hold us back in times of temptation, it shouldn’t end there.

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