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Ep. 52 – The Power of the Resurrection

Our topic today, the resurrection, is foundational to our faith and accounts for half of the gospel. Listen as the guys explore and reflect on this great event and the hope it gives through Scripture.

Show Notes

Our topic today, the resurrection, is foundational to our faith and accounts for half of the gospel. We often hear the phrase “Jesus died for you”, but that is only a partial understanding of the gospel. The resurrection was a declaration of victory and the solidification of the Apostles’ faith. The resurrection solidified and affirmed that Jesus was really who he claimed to be. It also proclaimed the impact it has on our eternal souls, because his resurrection is now our own resurrection victory. The Scripture tells us that it is through the resurrection of Christ that we are born again. Ultimately, everything lies and rests upon this very act.

For critics, there is ample historical evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. The guards themselves reported what they had seen, but were quickly paid off to keep quiet. We often make our choices on what we believe based on facts, but God didn’t create us to be fact-based creatures. We are lovers first and foremost. The guys debunk many of the most popular arguments denying the resurrection. Even though we can’t rely on facts for our salvation, for the resurrection, historical facts are significant that it actually happened.

Romans 8:11 says “But if the spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells within you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His spirit who dwells in you.”  This verse reminds us that the resurrection is something Christians should reflect on and realize that the same power is within us. The promise of the resurrection is that we will one day experience the same kind of resurrection ourselves.

Christianity begins where all other religions end, at death and the resurrection. We celebrate the resurrection and our hope in the resurrected body. We have to remember that the resurrection was not some random event, but was prophesied and part of God’s eternal plan for the redemption of man. The cross should bring us to a place of humility and repentance, recognizing that it is our sins and the wrath we deserve which pins Him to the cross. The resurrection, however, brings us to a place of joy and hope. As the episode wraps up, the guys share a series of quotes from John MacArthur about the truth of resurrection.

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