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Ep. 51 – How to Handle Money Biblically

Everyone seems to have opinions on how to handle and spend money, but what does the Bible say? On today's episode, the guys handle this touchy topic and how we can invest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys tackle the touchy topic of money. There are a lot of ways to view your money, but this episode outlines three. 1) Capitalist – my money is mine to handle how I see fit. 2) Socialist – my money is the state’s to be distributed how they see fit. 3) Biblical – my money is God’s for me to steward how he sees fit. Some Christians make it their god, while others, including pastor’s, refrain from the topic entirely. A Biblical view of money is looking at only using what you need and giving the rest to God’s will to be used where it’s needed

Your religion is not what you say you believe, it’s the way you act, behave, and spend here on the planet. What is in your possession doesn’t belong to you, rather to the Lord. Possessions can include money, but also talents and time, all things we should be good stewards of. The heart of those who have been given a lot of time, talents, or money from the Lord should move humbly and with gratitude that God blessed them with the treasures he’s given us. When we give, we should worship and do so sacrificially. There is never a “good time” to give, rather it’s a habit that should be cultivated at all times.

Worshiping God should be our default. Making money as an idol and worshiping is a cruel master. It is fickle and can be lost at any time, and those who put money first will never be content or satisfied. Instead, our investment should be into the Heavenly Kingdom. We can do that while working and making money by being a witness and stewarding that money and time well.

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