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Ep. 34 – What We’ve Been Reading in the Word Lately

Before jumping into what they've been reading in the Word lately, Mark offers insight and advice for having a rich devotional life. Then the guys unpack their own study tips, habits, and even personal revelations in studying God's Word.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys discuss what they have been reading in the Word lately. Before jumping into that, Mark offers advice for having a rich devotional life. Currently, he is reading one chapter of the Bible per day alongside his wife, daughters and friends. He prefers to have devotion in the morning, to ensure meditation on the Scripture for the remainder of the day. Jesus doesn’t want to just be part of our life, but the totality of our life. He advises listeners to choose a verse from your morning scripture to meditate on for the day. The number one key when reading the Bible is simply to slow down.

The first verse discussed is 2 Corinthians 7:11, in which Paul speaks of Godly sorrow and repentance. This is a demonstration that our repentance should be as notorious as our sin. When studying God’s word, Oscar analyzes it with a magnifying glass to unpack every sentence. However, sometimes looking too closely can lead you to miss the big picture, so it’s important to find that balance. We are so prone to looking at Revelation within the frame of today’s world. However, the best way to understand Revelation is by reading the First Testament. The book should actually give us hope for God’s capabilities.

There are no bounds to the depth of God’s Word. Ray has been reading the Bible every day for 49 years and is always finding new things. Being in the Word together with someone you love connects you in ways beyond what we could imagine. If you have sin in your heart, the Word can and should make you uncomfortable. They share the quote “Seven days without the Word will make one weak.” Being together in the Word with our children brings us closer to them and ensures they have a strong foundation. When you become vulnerable and open your own heart, people around you will begin to do the same.

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