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Ep. 35 – Holiness Is Hugely Important

While we know it is extremely important for Christians to pursue and live in holiness, it remains a word which often raises a red flag. In today's episode, the guys tackle this topic from multiple angles, and strive to identify things which prevent people from pursuing it.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys tackle the topic of holiness. While we know it is extremely important for Christians to pursue and live in holiness, it remains a word which often raises a red flag. To begin, they share the Christian definition of holiness compared to the dictionary definition. When we try to define the word in the English language, we often oversimplify its nuance. Holiness encompasses separation and morality as a communicable and incommunicable attribute. When God decides to use you, He separates you from the rest and uses you as a holy instrument with His own hand. Thus, holiness is recognizing our identity and value as instruments in God’s hands to fulfill His will.

What things prevent people from going hard after God in the pursuit of holiness? Often, it’s a love of worldly pleasures, money, or praise. Holiness is the hardest attribute to fully comprehend. You are encouraged to stretch your imagination and realize fully the all encompassing holiness of God. God has given us our imagination for us to use to have a better understanding of reality. It is not something we are called upon to do to become something else, but rather something we are to do because of what we already are. It is a practical pursuit of sanctification. The Scripture calls on us to pursue holiness with others and with God.

Then, the guys contrast legalism and holiness. By definition, legalism is a weight we put upon ourselves which God never intended for us to bare. God has freely given us things to enjoy, aside from sin, in His glory. Pursuing holiness is loving the Lord and wishing to grow in His eyes. Our ultimate goal should be pleasing and glorifying God, and being set apart from the rest of the world.  Practice of Godly disciplines brings about the holiness and purity of a true child of God. There are little incremental steps we can take to pursue righteousness and grow in our holiness. Finally, they share other disciplines which are helpful to bringing us closer to God, including fasting and prayer. It’s never enough to remove the sin in our life, but we must replace them with Godly desires. In closing, they offer reminders of the beauty and promise of the Gospel for those unsure if they are embodying true holiness.

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