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Ep. 59 – Why Evolution is Impossible

Today’s episode is all about how Christians can address the topic of evolution. The guys share factual rebuttals of the most common points made by evolutionists, and discuss how asking deep questions can be used as a segway to direct a conversation towards the gospel.

Show Notes

Today’s episode is all about how we as Christians can address the topic of evolution when it comes up. The guys explain that unless someone is schooled in the reality of creation, they will typically drift to what they were taught in school. It is a tragedy that the idea of evolution is so widely adopted without much thought. When engaging in conversation with someone who holds an opinion different to yours, we are advised to be slow to speak and quick to listen. Furthermore, asking good questions inspires critical thinking.

All things have been created for and designed by love. Creation was created out of the love that the Father has for Himself, and outflowing from that is the reason we exist. This speaks true to the longings of our heart. We must not divorce creation from the heart and intents of the Creator. Often we get so caught up in the argumentation to prove God created the earth that we forget the who, what and why of the ultimate creation. As we talk about the story of creation we see in Genesis, we need to keep these questions at the top of our minds: who created, what did He create, and Why?

Then, in an effort to help prepare listeners to debunk evolutionist arguments, the guys share factual rebuttals of the most common points made by evolutionists including the ape-like creatures from which evolutionists claim humans came. Within the concept of Darwinian evolution, there simply isn’t enough time according to their own computations to go from the ape-like creature to a human being. World view and perspective is what we need to interpret the evidence we have. The ultimate answer to why evolution can not be true is simply because of the Bible, our ultimate source of authority. Asking deep questions to those who deny God’s creation can be used as a segway to direct a conversation towards the gospel.

A Christian can not believe in evolution, because Matthew 19:4 tells us “In the beginning, God created the male and female.” In closing, we are reminded that Christians are by no means anti-science, but approach it subjectively. This determines the conclusions at which we arrive based on the information we receive.

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