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Ep. 58 – Supreme Leak! Roe v. Wade

Could Roe v. Wade finally be overturned?! A recent leak shows that this may be the case. If Roe v. Wade is abolished, abortion would no longer be protected on a countrywide level, and each state would be able to make the decision on whether abortion is legal. In this episode, the team discuss this breaking news from a Christian perspective.

Show Notes

This episode is all about the recent leak of the Roe v. Wade opinion by the Supreme Court. They begin by discussing the shocking leak and its implications for our country, including how it could directly result in abortion being banned in dozens of states promptly.

Next, they talk about what the Bible has to say about this sensitive topic, and how God is unashamedly pro-life from Genesis through Revelation. They urge us to understand that this is a spiritual war; there are demonic influences at play in this incredibly important battle for the unborn.

Finally, they discuss how we as Christians should react to this news, including what we can do to help end legalized murder in America. They end by encouraging us to look to Jesus in all things, because in Him we find not only strength to continue to fight against the evils of this world, but we also find forgiveness that purges even the most vile of sins, including abortion.


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