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Ep. 37 – Wisdom from the Word

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. However, our culture today is very rich in knowledge and poor in wisdom, because they have done away with God and exchanged his ultimate standard of Truth with "truths." Listen as the guys discuss this increasingly relevant topic.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys tackle the topic of wisdom. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Knowledge is morals and information, while wisdom is the insight to know when vs. when not to take action. Most decisions we make in life require some knowledge, but a lot of wisdom. Our culture today is very rich in knowledge and poor in wisdom. Wisdom isn’t hidden from us, but rather hidden for us. Every human being has a conscience and the knowledge of right vs. wrong. Without God as an ultimate standard of truth, all we have are “truths”. Do away with God, and we do away with the truth.

Often, we as Christians forget our calling to vigorously pursue wisdom as proclaimed in Proverbs 2:1-6. In The Wisdom Pyramid by Brett  McCracken, he maps out how to seek wisdom. Though our first instinct to learn more about something is to turn to social media, if we really want to grow in wisdom this order must be reversed. First, we should seek wisdom in the Scripture, then to our church, then nature, then books, and finally, maybe, social media. The most practical way God grants wisdom is through the Word. We can have full assurance and confidence that whatever we ask of God will be heard and responded to.

Wisdom includes the ability to use the best means, at the best time, to accomplish the best ends. It isn’t merely a matter of knowledge, but the skill of practical implication of the truth. With knowledge comes pride, but with wisdom comes humility and patience. Wise speaks not of someone who knows the facts, but of someone who is skilled in Godly living. In light of eternity, everything that we do will reverberate and echo forever. Let’s not dwell upon this, but rather learn from it and move forward. Although our names will be forgotten, the name of our Savior will live on through the test of time.

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