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Ep. 36 – It’s Time to Stop Fighting with Other Christians.

Unity is extremely important and Scripture speaks of it in very explicit terms. As Christians, unity with one another is meant to be one of our biggest strengths, because when we are united with Christ and with each other it becomes an evangelistic tool to speak of the truth of God.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys discuss unity and the idea that it is time to stop fighting with other Christians. Unity is extremely important and the Scripture speaks of it in very explicit terms. Paul speaks of the sensitivity we, as Christians, are to have towards believers who have different perspectives and convictions. We are to set aside anything that can be set aside in order to keep the peace among brothers.

How can we walk in love if there is no unity among us? The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the prime examples of what unity looks like. When Adam and Eve rebelled against God, their sins brough division not only between man, but between each other. God offers us the power to become unified with him and with one another through the power of the Gospel. While there is a time and place for clarification and explanation, it is usually best to nullify conflict with others with care, humility and an apology.

As Christians, one of our biggest tools is our unity with one another. Again, the guys mention the idea of primary vs. secondary convictions and how to determine when an issue is crucial enough to advocate for. There is an undeniable part of the wicked human heart which likes to see fights between people. However, God commands us the meekness and discretion to resist this urge and advocate for unity instead. Good conflict is extremely healthy because it brings things to the forefront to be addressed. In good conflict, the rules are set ahead of time in a loving and respectful way. It’s incumbent that we consistently invite people with a welcoming spirit to be open and honest with us.

Unity is designed to unify us with Christ and with each other, then becomes an evangelistic tool to speak of the truth of God. We can’t simply be unified for unity’s sake, and should still be able to challenge each other to a certain degree. Confrontation should come from attributes of love such as patience and kindness. Speaking truth is true love.

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