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I was rebuked with Christ love by two or three men of Jesus

I am a naïve person. Even before coming to Christ, I was much more naïve than my Christian friends. For most of my life until I graduated high school, most of what I thought was based on what my older sister thought. But after I came to Christ, she told me I needed to use my own discernment and discover for myself what I believe in and not just believe in what she or my pastors said. The Fall of 05 was the beginning of my own personal walk with Jesus. It was during that time that I learned a lot and experienced a lot. The people I surrounded myself with outside of high school loved with Christ love, and when the topic of abortion came up and they discovered I was for it only for rape cases…I was rebuked with Christ love by two or three men of Jesus. The one thing that stuck out to me the most, and what changed my heart was that by terminating the pregnancy because of rape, the woman is not giving God a chance. He can be glorified in the worst of situations, and a pregnancy resulting by rape is one of those situations. Watching the 180 movie multiple times, I have been given even more reasons why abortion is wrong. And always will be no matter the reason. There is no reason to kill a baby. None. Thank you, Ray Comfort. This movie as well as The Way of the Master series have been such wonderful building blocks in my walk with Jesus.

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