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Million Dollar Gospel of John


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This unique, conveniently sized Gospel of John uses a very eye-catching cover to stir curiosity. Designed after our best-selling gospel tract, it’s a sure way to get the world’s attention.

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This unique, conveniently sized Gospel of John uses a very eye-catching cover to stir curiosity. Designed after our best-selling gospel tract, it’s a sure way to get the world’s attention. This creative approach makes it easy to share the gospel and conveys a message far more valuable than a mere one million dollars: how to find the riches of everlasting life.

Includes a gospel presentation as well as “The Uniqueness of Jesus”—a 14-page summary of Jesus’ unprecedented words and unparalleled works—to help readers believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and find life in His name.

Ideal for personal witnessing, church outreach, and evangelism events.

If you’re a normal Christian, you continually have a battle with the fear of man. Just the thought of giving out gospel tracts terrifies you because you’re afraid of rejection. If that’s you, say goodbye to that tormenting fear, because this publication is so unique and so fascinating no one is going to reject it. That’s why we have called the Million Dollar Gospel of John “the fear-of-man terminator.” Think about it: If someone offered you what really looks like a bundle of 100 million dollar bills, wouldn’t you take it? If you saw it lying somewhere, wouldn’t you pick it up?

“The Vault”

“The Vault” contains 100 copies of the “million dollar” Gospel of John presented in a customized box for bulk giveaway.

7 reviews for Million Dollar Gospel of John

  1. Rachel Rinas (verified owner)

    Really easy way to put the Word of God into people’s hands. And I love that it shares the gospel right at the beginning, because we know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe!

  2. Robin Barnhart (verified owner)

    I’ve handed out hundreds of these and I love them. I’ve only had 2 people ever tell me they didn’t want it once I told them what it was. I trust God’s timing and pray for those that have received them.

  3. Wendy

    Although I love these and plan to purchase more at some point I just wish there was a slight adjustment when you open the book. The first page reads: “The million dollar Gospel of John” and that might be enough to get someone to put the book down or toss it out. I would prefer that was left out or made not so ambiguous and have the introduction as the first page, because that’s where Ray explains the message of salvation and why we die. Also, another slight change would be to not state things someone must do once they have faith in Christ (read the Bible, join a church, get baptized etc..) although that is all true and important, this might scare them off even before they read the book of John! Perhaps those instructions, on living as a Christian, can be made at the end of the book in the hope they actually read through the Gospel of John first! Just my 2 cents.

  4. Derek James

    I took a cue from a Living Waters video where they tossed these Gospel of John tracts from a van throughout a neighborhood (a’ la paper delivery boys). I was able to give out 2 boxes fairly quickly by just walking around the neighborhood and tossing them on driveways. It allowed me to pray as I went for God’s Word to reach my neighbors with the gospel. It looked like they were all picked up by the next day. It was an easy way to get out a lot of tracts in short period of time. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Timothy Butler (verified owner)

    Million Dollar Gospel of John has become my “go to” track. While riding the local bike paths, have passed out near 200 this past month. I always introduce myself first and ask for permission to hand them the Gospel, and those who accept often do so with a smile and a thank you. This track is also great to leave in public areas like bus stops, picnic areas and park benches. On return trips, I find very few that have not been picked up. Each tack is given and placed with prayer, asking God to use His Word mightily.

  6. Jorge Mulgado

    I just bought these and am happy to see the quality of them. I think these will be great to get out to the youth because I live by a high school, and definitely using them in my current ministry work at a men’s recovery home, can’t wait.

  7. Trevor Denham

    Just got one from Ray the other day and this book is straight to the point. Aside from the good solid gospel from John there is an introduction that pulls the reader in in classic Ray style. After the gospel is a section pointing out the uniqueness of Jesus through many of the signs, names, prophecies and “I AM” statements. Great size, just smaller than the “Four Gospels” and half as thick. Great to toss on the ground for someone to pick up or hand out in crowds. Get your orders in, this will be a good track to use!

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