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Online School of Biblical Evangelism


5.0 (10 reviews)

In this comprehensive study course, you will learn how to share your faith simply, effectively, and biblically…the way Jesus did. Discover the God-given evangelistic tools that will enable you to confidently talk about the Savior.

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This is the sign-up page for The School of Biblical Evangelism.

Join more than 25,000 students from around the world who have gone through the school…from Norway, England, Iceland, Israel, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Pakistan, China, Australia, Holland, South Korea, Africa, Greece, Malaysia, France, Singapore and the United States.

Study at your own pace. If you miss some time, just pick up where you left off. Each lesson takes about 20-30 minutes (depending on how in-depth you study it). The lessons may be started at any time as each course goes by subject rather than by date.

In this comprehensive study course, you will learn how to share your faith simply, effectively, and biblically…the way Jesus did. Discover the God-given evangelistic tools that will enable you to confidently talk about the Savior.

What the Lessons Cover:
With 101 lessons on subjects ranging from basic Christian doctrines to knowing our enemy, from false conversions to proving the deity of Jesus, you will be well-equipped to answer questions as you witness to anyone. This study course will help you to prove the authenticity of the Bible, provide ample evidence for creation, refute the claims of evolution, understand the beliefs of those in cults and other religions, and know how to reach both friends and strangers with the gospel.

Each of the 101 lessons begins with a thought-provoking quote, followed by a comment from Kirk Cameron sharing his thoughts on the subject. In the “Questions & Objections” is a common question or objection to the Christian faith along with a response.

At the end of each lesson are various features to enhance the lesson content. The “Preacher’s Progress” sections, written in the style of John Bunyan’s classic Pilgrim’s Progress, are sample witnessing conversations intended to help convey biblical concepts.

You will also see “Feathers for Arrows.” Just as feathers help arrows to find their target, these paragraphs will help you to drive home certain truths when you are witnessing or preaching. The occasional “Words of Comfort” we hope will put a smile on your face and console you if you sometimes do dumb things.

Sample Lessons:
The Forgotten Key to Biblical Evangelism
Judgment Day
Scientific Facts in the Bible – Part 1

Each lesson concludes with the “Last Words” of a famous person, as well as a “Memory Verse.” The “Questions” following each lesson are designed to help you better recall the lesson content.

The Advantages of Online Access:
For many people, the online access is much more convenient than carrying a textbook around. (For one thing, the textbook is rather hefty — 768 pages, close to 2 inches thick, and a little over 3 pounds!) The obvious plus about having the lessons online is that you can pull them up from ANY computer or phone with Internet access — the office, a friend’s house, a coffee bar, the library, etc. Another advantage is that you can copy and paste text from the lessons or even download them entirely in Adobe Acrobat format.

What you will receive…

• 101 Lessons (read online or download for offline viewing as a PDF)
• 60+ Audios
• Free online access to the content of “The Ultimate”. This is an all-in-one resource page filled with teachings, sermons, lessons, and other tools to inspire you and equip you to fulfill the Great Commission. It contains 30+ videos, 80+ audios, and 17 PDFs by Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, and Mark Spence. (MSRP $60)

After fulfilling Graduation requirements:
• Duo-Tone Evidence Bible-NKJV (MSRP $59.99)
• Graduation Certificate

*Pastors, missionaries, and those that are in financial difficulty are eligible for a full scholarship.

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10 reviews for Online School of Biblical Evangelism

  1. Abhinandan

    I thank Lord Jesus everyday that he brought me to this online school. Mr. Ray is a genius. Everything in this online training from 101 lessons to audio lessons to memorizing scripture, anyone can become an effective soul winner. Joining this school gave me a new hope and confidence to share the gospel with others in the most beautiful way possible. Thank you to the whole team of Living waters.

  2. john (verified owner)


  3. Rick M.

    This was one of the best courses I have ever seen or taken concerning understanding why and how to wittness to the lost and christian who lack understanding of salvation.

  4. Anonymous

    As a graduate of EE and every other evangelism course I can find, yours by far has been the best.

  5. Anonymous

    A seasoned meal designed to bypass the sugar overload and yet is not flooded with spices to ignite the taste buds … each paragraph is a mouthful, destined to be chewed and savored, and leaves you hungry for more. I found myself thumping my head thinking “why is this so clear?” Like walking in the dark, you can see the light ahead. Beautiful!

  6. Scott

    I have to admit I thought this would be like other courses I have taken. I could never be more wrong. This is by far the greatest investment in increasing the Kingdom of God you could ever make. I try to complete one in the morning and one at night. The lessons are so fascinating and they keep your interest all the while maintaining the goal of reaching the lost. Thanks Kirk and Ray. Keep up the great work.

  7. stephenlocklear1

    As a graduate, I highly recommend this course to all Christians!

  8. jamesandnichole

    The best. I have went through the book and getting ready for the online course with my wife and 11 year old daughter. It has turned our whole family into witnessing machines.

  9. Tractman12

    Worth every penny and dollar! I’m so glad i joined this. Its been a great blessing, a great eye opener, a great thought provoker, a great convicter, and is great teaching. You will learn a lot, if you are in any type of ministry or are getting into any kind of ministry you NEED to get into this course and take it ASAP.

  10. Pattenden

    This course has really helped me deal with my fear of sharing the Gospel, and it has helped me to grow so deep in my love for Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It opened my heart and my eyes to help me see the Truth and to speak the Truth. I want to thank Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort for opening up my heart. This course opened my eyes to a whole new world of Evangelism. This course should be taken by every one.

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