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Mad As Hell


This eye-catching, unorthodox approach at sharing the gospel is sure to get read by unbelievers.

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(Size: 4″ x 2.75″)

Most people yell at the TV. I guess it makes us feel better. POLITICIANS are the most yelled at,so researchers say. Injustice makes most of us mad—white police beating defenseless blacks; blacks beating innocent whites. Asians make some blacks mad. Some blacks make Asians mad. Some Hispanics detest blacks and whites. Some blacks hate other blacks; some whites hate whites and blacks.

Arsonists of any color make me fume. The whole unjust system makes most of us mad. God knows how enraged we are! He’s not too happy about it Himself.

Actually, He warns that no one is going to get away with any wrongdoing. He is going to punish the “unjust”—those “acting contrary to fairness and justice.” That should please you! Speaking of the “unjust,” have you ever: Lied? Hated? Lusted? Stolen anything? Had sex outside of marriage?

Forget others—you’re in big trouble. Put the blame where it lies. You’re guilty of breaking the Ten Commandments, the moral Law of a holy God. The Bible speaks of only two types of people, regardless of skin color: the just and the unjust. The “just” are those whom God has cleansed of sin (justified, or made right with Him). The unjust are those who are still under God’s wrath. If your sins are not forgiven, the Bible says that you are part of the unjust—and the wages of sin is death and Hell. That’s why YOU need the Savior, Jesus Christ.

He died to make you “just”—just as if you had never sinned. Though we broke God’s Law, Jesus paid the penalty for sin by dying on the cross: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (Jn. 3:16). Then Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses. He fulfilled all the prophecies of the promised Savior. To be made right in God’s sight, repent and trust Jesus today, and God will forgive you and grant you the gift of eternal life (Eph. 2:8,9). Then, to show your gratitude, read the Bible daily and obey it, join a Christian church, and be baptized. If you want justice, you will have it…unless you repent.

How mad is God? MAD as HELL! It will take Hell to satisfy the fury of a holy God. If you don’t trust the Savior, there will be Hell to pay…and you don’t want to be damned. God doesn’t want you to go there, so repent today (you may not have tomorrow) and put your trust in the Savior. Learn more at

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