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Problem of Evil MP4


“If God is good and all-powerful, why is there evil in the world?” This great question has a great answer that Mark Spence unpacks in this video.

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(1 hour and 50 minutes. MP4, No Closed-Captions or Subtitles)

The Problem of Evil
“If God is good and all-powerful, why is there evil in the world?” Skeptics like to use the existence of evil as an argument against God. They say, “If God was good wouldn’t He want to get rid of all evil? If He were all-powerful wouldn’t He be able to end the evil? But evil still exists; therefore, your God doesn’t.” Filmed at the University of Tulsa, Mark Spence (our resident apologist) unashamedly tackles the objection head-on and clearly demonstrates how to biblically deal with this very common objection. The open-air preaching was filmed at Chaffey College, located in Southern California.

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