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This full-color, glossy card directs the reader to watch all of Living Waters’ most popular free YouTube movies at

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This full-color, glossy 2″ x 3.5″ card serves to advertise Living Waters’ most popular free YouTube movies by directing the reader to

  • EXIT
  • “180”
  • Evolution vs God
  • Genius
  • Noah & The Last Days
  • Audacity

You can just say, “Here are eighteen free movies—seen by millions. Five are award-winning. I hope you enjoy them.”

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10 reviews for Movie Gift Card

  1. shane

    These go like hotcakes. I go in with the attitude that I am NOT pleading people to take them from me – its quite the opposite… I am doing them a favour and they are lucky they’re in the right place at the right time to receive one. You say “Hi guys. I have a few of these free movie cards left. But only 1 card each. ” Hand them out and then quickly move on to the next lot of people (if they want more information I say “You can watch FREE movies – you don’t need to go to the cinema” and that’s it – if they don’t want one you move on… it’s their loss… others will gladly take them…I am not trying to “convince” them). People are so grateful in getting them that I feel like I should be selling them (but then I guess then they would not be free). They go even faster when you are walking down a street with your friend walking about 20m in front with your friend as he is passing people saying (with a card in his hand) “There’s free movie gift cards back there.” It creates a buzz.

  2. Roxanna

    I accidentally received this in a shipment from LW and it was a wonderful accident 🙂 I have thoroughly enjoyed handing these cards out! I’ll say “Here’s a movie gift card with some awesome Movies on back. Enjoy!” People usually smile and are happy to receive a “gift” they didn’t expect.

  3. Dwayne (verified owner)

    I also like to add these as an extra bonus when I give out tracts and DVDs. Just slide it inside. Teens really like these as they can just stream the movies on their smartphones. Very easy to give to anyone with a smartphone in their hands which is just about everyone these days…Or just leave them anywhere people gather. 5 stars! May God bless!

  4. Leigh (verified owner)

    These are really great for quick interactions with people that you can’t really have a conversation with. Usually those people are very grateful and excited! I have sold some items locally and online, and I always give these to people saying “It’s just some free stuff to watch” and they thank me. I also put these in my Ebay shipments. I have also thought that when my family starts going to yard sales this year, I’m going to pass them out there as well! No end to the ways you can use this tract, I’m sure.

  5. IB4J

    In passing these out, folks will see 6 of Living Waters Ministries movies free online. I mention I’ve seen all of them once, and a few twice, so passing them along!
    They also go well at the top right corner of the “Red Box” movie machines. Great to pass them along to folks as their getting a movie from the machine.
    Oh, did I mention in the upper portion too of the public bath room mirrors? Gasoline Credit Card slot as your driving off from the pump? 🙂

  6. Roger (verified owner)

    People love receiving this card as most everyone enjoys movies! They don’t look at you with suspicion when they receive but rather gratitude that you are giving them this free gift…..incredible response to the movie gift card. Thank you Jesus!

  7. Billy (verified owner)

    My busy barber has a huge flatscreen in front of his chairs that was always playing documentaries. Left him one of these gift card fully free films tracks six months ago. Went in this morning to find living Waters films playing on the TV and him talking with another customer about the films! Blown away at how God used that one simple tracked to now preach the gospel to all of his busy clients When they come to get a haircut! God is so awesome, thank you so much for all you do!

  8. Brett (verified owner)

    I love this track! Great for handing out to employees at work, and also I like putting them in the Redbox kiosks card slider. Thank you, Living Waters, for your creative ideas. 🙂

  9. Joshua (verified owner)

    My just came in today! These are
    -Excellent for gas ⛽️ pumps
    – great

  10. Joshua (verified owner)

    Living Waters this is a awesome tract! I have not bought it yet! But you bet some time in the feature I will! You should of see my reaction when I saw this tract I was like this is so cool I have to get this tract. This is a genius idea to create a gift card tract with the movies on it.
    I can see people this taking these like hotcakes!
    I will be praying for God to use these Gospel tracts in a supernatural way.
    Love to living waters.

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