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Scientific Facts in the Bible


5.0 (5 reviews)

This 28-page booklet covers amazing scientific truths written thousands of years before they were discovered by man.

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Does the Bible tell us about the Earth’s free float in space and the laws of thermodynamics? Does it also speak of ocean currents and the hydrologic cycle, blood clotting and quarantine, and many other incredible scientific truths written thousands of years before man discovered them? If so, how did such knowledge get into the Bible?

You will be amazed at the answers.

5 reviews for Scientific Facts in the Bible

  1. Jayla

    Thank the LORD for people like Ray Comfort who unashamedly spread the gospel

  2. Elaine Muschlitz

    Informative, interesting, well documented, inspiring, and uplifting. Thank you

  3. Elektrolytic

    This fantastic little booklet contains many eye-opening scientific and medical facts that are in the Bible, and also contains the Gospel message at the end of the booklet. These are great as a “thank you for your time” gift after sharing the Gospel with someone, or to personally hand out to people you know who are skeptics, atheists, students, teachers, family members or religious folk.

  4. Anonymous

    This little booklet set our 5&6th grade Sunday school on fire. The kids are asking for us to bring more of these to class. They have showed them to there friends and family and feel a excited about all the real facts!!! Check it out!

  5. kao09

    EXCELLENT booklet! I got it for a relative who has a college degree in science and is a skeptic. I read it and ended up keeping it. I like that these science facts are easily obtained in this booklet, so I ended up using it as a reference guide for witnessing opportunities and am going to get another for my relative. I am a nurse and teach in the medical field so come in contact with many scientific minded people.

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