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The Dog Box


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Researchers have found that strangers offer more smiles and friendly glances at people with dogs and are more likely to approach and have a conversation with a canine companion. The Dog Box helps you get started in using your dog for the gospel.

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When Ray Comfort scooped up his tired dog as it ran beside his bike, the animal loved it. So he built a platform on the bike, sat the dog on it, added a seatbelt, and put sunglasses on him. To Ray’s surprise, people came out of their homes to take photos. Drivers gave the thumbs up. “Sam” and his sunglasses suddenly became an amazing way to meet strangers.

This box contains one of each of the following to help you in utilizing your dog for the gospel.

1 review for The Dog Box

  1. Faith

    Most people love dogs, and this is good bait. One way I’ve found to open the hearts of dog owners, is to buy a box of dog treats and tell them “I have dog treats and people treats, would your dog like some?” To those that are willing, I give the dog treats as a conversation starter, and the “people treats” are tracts about dogs.

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