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Episode 7 – Suicide, God,, and the Bible


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Ray Comfort and the team takes you to Southern California to see live street witnessing in action, while tackling some of the toughest questions that skeptics and believers alike wrestle with, in a family-friendly way.

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Way of the Master television program — Season Five. Running Time: 28:30. MP4 Downloads (closed captioned)

The award-winning Way of the Master is a fast-paced, family-friendly talk show with a reality television twist. The program delivers inspiring, insightful, and thought-provoking interaction between dynamic co-hosts, captivating interviews with well-known guests, and colorful man-on-the-street witnessing encounters.

Co-hosts, popular author Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, and Mark Spence, tackle some of the toughest questions about God, the Bible, and hot topics that skeptics and believers alike wrestle with, in a profound and often humorous way. Each episode will leave Christians better equipped to carry the good news out into the world, and sincere skeptics may find themselves doubting their doubts.

Fresh downloadable episodes release each week! A full broadcast listing can be found HERE.

Episode #1: Ray Comfort vs. Cowboy (Air-date: 07/28/2019)
Kirk Cameron discusses Heaven and Hell and an angry cowboy tries to put Ray Comfort in his place. This episode is free to download. (Watch clip 1 and clip 2 from this episode.)

Episode #2: Ken Ham’s Ark (Air-date: 08/05/19)
Ken Ham takes E.Z. on a tour of the Ark Encounter, a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark. (Watch clip 1 and clip 2 from this episode.)

Episode #3: Standing Against Abortion (Air-date: 08/12/19)
John Barros is on the frontline of abortion ministry. See how God is saving babies in Florida. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #4: Homosexuality and God (Air-date: 08/19/19)
Does God say it’s ok to be gay? The team takes on this volatile issue. Comedian Ben Price is a special guest. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #5: The Fool (Air-date: 08/26/19)
Atheists think Ray Comfort is a fool, but the reason may surprise you! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #6: Mission: Guatemala (Air-date: 09/02/19)
Miguel Esparza spearheads the team on an open-air preaching mission to Antigua. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #7: Suicide, God and the Bible (Air-date: 09/09/19)
A Christian father loses his son to suicide, but the outcome is surprising. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #8: Penn Jillette and God (Air-date: 09/16/19)
As a very unexpected surprise, Ray Comfort meets Penn Jillette. Christianity vs. Atheism! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #9: Kirk Cameron and God (Air-date: 09/23/19)
Kirk Cameron shares his testimony of how he became a Christian. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #10: Perseverance in the Gospel (Air-date: 09/30/19)
Do you have an unsaved loved one? This episode may encourage you and renew your hope. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #11: An Atheist’s Conversion (Air-date: 10/07/19)
A young Skeptic discovers his Atheism is no match for the God of the Bible. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #12: Marks of a Servant (Air-date: 10/14/19)
Is it ok for Christian Preachers to scream at people? More witnessing clips with Ray Comfort! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #13: Pro-Life Rookie (Air-date: 10/21/19)
John Barros takes Eddie Roman to plead for babies lives at an abortion clinic for the first time! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #14: Jesus at the Tijuana Border. (Air-date: 10/28/19)
Does the Good Person Test work in different cultures? Miguel Esparza finds out! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #15: From Gangsta to God. (Air-date: 11/04/19)
A suicidal Los Angeles gang member is confronted and rescued by his Creator. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #16: Evangelism and Apologetics. (Air-date: 11/11/19)
Ray Comfort hits the streets for more witnessing interviews! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #17: Witnessing to Family Members. (Air-date 11/18/19)
How do you bring up the subject of Jesus Christ with unbelieving family members? (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #18: Atheism vs God. (Air-date 11/25/19)
When a Christian preacher interacts with Atheists, the results are fascinating and often hilarious. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #19: The Lakota of South Dakota. (Air-date 12/02/19)
Join a young man touching lives at an Indian Reservation known for its high suicide rate. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #20: Evolution, Science, and God. (Air-date 12/09/19)
Ken Ham takes us on a tour of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #21: Way of the Master Christmas Special. (Air-date 12/16/19)
The Festival of Lights and an interview with Santa! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #22: LGBT and God. (Air-date 12/23/19)
One woman’s quest to know God results in a changed lifestyle.

Episode #23: Don’t Waste Your Retirement. (Air-date 12/30/19)
The secret to a fulfilling retirement.

Episode #24: Extreme Preacher. (Air-date 01/06/20)
Vic Murphy is a preacher who isn’t afraid to jump his BMX over you! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #25: The Kendrick Brothers. (Air-date 01/13/20)
From small beginnings to huge openings, these filmmakers are on a remarkable journey. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #26: Kirk Cameron on Hollywood. (Air-date 01/20/20)
Kirk Cameron discusses the Christian’s role in Hollywood. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #27: Ambassadors’ Academy Part 1. (Air-date 01/27/20)
A man from Scotland journeys to California to face his fear of evangelism. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #28: Ambassadors’ Academy Part 2. (Air-date 02/02/20)
Street-preacher training on the streets of Los Angeles. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #29: Ray Comfort and God. (Air-date 02/09/20)
Ray Comfort is well known in Christianity, but where did he come from and what are his motives? (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #30: Risking it All. (Air-date 02/16/20)
Skydiver stuntman Anthony Martin is locked in a casket and thrown out of a plane, for real! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #31: Hypocrite Christians. (Air-date 02/23/20)
How can you know for sure if you are a Christian? Ray Comfort answers this common question. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #32: Mission: Philippines. (Air-date 03/01/20)
The Living Waters team preaches the gospel on a college campus in the Philippines. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #33: Hip Hop Gospel. (Air-date 03/08/20)
Is it ok to breakdance in church? It is if you’re a B-Boy missionary! (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #34: Forgiveness. (Air-date 03/15/20)
A broken marriage, abuse, and years of pain were no match for God’s Grace. (Watch clip 1 from this episode.)

Episode #35: Gospel Tracts. (Air-date 03/22/20)
Brother Billy of Balboa Park shows us how to get the gospel to thousands.


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Thirteen 29 minute episodes


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