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From Judaism to Christ

World Religions in a Nutshell

From World Religions in a Nutshell.

When this Jewish man’s wife came home declaring that she’d become a “born-again Christian,” his first thought echoed the words of his own father: “Those are the worst kind.” Little did he realize how “bad” it would get when he finally read the Hebrew Scriptures for himself!

Years ago, my wife made a comment that our marriage could only be better if we invited God in. In my pride and desire to live with the personal religion I’d created, I said, “Oh, really? Which God—yours or mine? You believe in some guy who died 2,000 years ago and I believe in God. Are you planning on going to a synagogue? Because there’s no way I’m going into a Catholic church.” Result: Discussion over.

After moving to Georgia, good friends of ours (who were Christians) consistently showed us love and kindness and were more than willing to answer my ignorant questions about what Christians believed. I learned that true believers in Christ (which I found was the Greek word for Messiah) would never…have done acts like the pogroms or the Holocaust. They were faithful to answer my questions and go no further. They must have known that my pride would have pushed me the other way.

These friends asked my wife to go to church with them and I had no problem with her going—I’d assumed that there would be no change in our lives. The day my wife came home and shared with me that she’d become a “born-again Christian” immediately brought me back to a day 20 years prior: My brother came home from college and shared that his best friend had become a “born-again Christian.” I’d never heard the term before. It would be another 20 years before I heard it again. My father’s response had stuck with me so subconsciously that I couldn’t believe it came back so quickly and so clearly: “Those are the worst kind,” he said. This was exactly what popped into my head when my wife told me of her decision.

Life slowly started changing. My pride reared its ugly head once again as I heard her teach our two-year-old daughter how to thank Jesus for our food: “What are you doing thanking a dead guy for the food I worked for?” When it came to the small fish symbol on the back of her car: “Do you realize people will think that I believe in your Jesus when I’m in your car?”

I concluded that I had to stop this. I spoke with an Orthodox Jew who was close to both my wife and me. Her response was disheartening: “I’ll tell you, there are only two possibilities in a mixed marriage like yours—divorce or conversion.” I didn’t talk with her again about it. I spoke with a rabbi, but his response was lacking. I knew I couldn’t speak with a Gentile believer because he wouldn’t have the Jewish perspective that I needed; besides, his mind would be already made up. I’d have to look for myself into the Book I never wanted to look into before—the Hebrew Scriptures.

After a year of studying and seeing irrefutable evidence in prophecy and seeing that there are no contradictions in Scripture, I realized the amazing fingerprint of God throughout this Book. Days before Passover, a Jewish believer in Jesus was speaking on “Messiah in the Passover” at my wife’s church. After seeing his presentation, I spoke with his wife and she asked, “So, what do you do with Isaiah 53?” I asked what she was talking about. We grabbed a Bible and she had me read it. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but my pride wouldn’t relinquish its grip just yet.

I stewed on this for another couple of days. Then the day before Passover, I humbled myself in order to ask the Lord to forgive me and to cover me with His blood as He did the doorposts in Egypt. Where my wife felt overwhelming peace in receiving His Gift, I wept. I was overcome with the realization that He died for my transgressions as so clearly stated in Isaiah 53.
—Scott D.

This testimony can be found in the book World Religions in a Nutshell.

World Religions in a Nutshell
1. From Judaism to Christ

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters, a bestselling author, and has written more than 100 books, including, The Evidence Study Bible. He cohosts the award-winning television program Way of the Master, which airs in 190 countries.

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