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Volatile! shows how 2,500 years ago, the Scriptures actually named the countries that would attack Israel in the latter days.

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Paperback | 96 pages | Ray Comfort | Take a look inside.

Volatile! shows how 2,500 years ago, the Scriptures actually named the countries that would attack Israel in the latter days. This 96-page publication gives instant credibility to the biblical gospel. The volatility of the Middle East is on everyone’s mind. Use it to reach their heart.

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“This is a brilliant book!” —Janet Parshall, In the Market


3 reviews for Volatile!

  1. Randy W

    Read this short book if you are interested in the end times. Read this book if you are not interested in the end times and you will be!

  2. Nathan Gutierrez

    Short and sweet and still informative. I recommend reading it as it did enlighten me to current events that I wasn’t aware and brings awareness of the reality of all this and helps puts things into the right perspective. Thankful for this ministry and always encouraged by Ray’s videos reaching to the lost.

  3. Dave Imboden

    I love the idea of such a book and read it through in short order via its online pdf. It provides abundant scripture such as Ezekiel 37-39 and many others regarding the coming Day of the Lord as well Jesus Olivet discourse (Matthew 24, 25; Mark 13 & Luke 21) answering the disciples inquiry about the end of the age. There are also a number of transcipted dialogues from Ray witnessing to various people and how he strategically uses the Mosaic Law (specifically the 10 Commandments) to wake people up to their sinfulness and their need for a savior, followed by leading them to recognize their need for repentance and faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross.
    Though advertised as a book for doing outreach, it seems best suited for believers to gain an understanding of 1) end times prophecies, 2) the need for using these prophecies to lead people to recognize the authority of scripture and the soon return of Christ, and 3) to learn his time tested method of leading people through scripture and the moral law to come to Christ.

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