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Halloween Outreach Box


Halloween is the one day of the year kids come to your door for candy…and get a lasting treat: a gospel tract! This box gives you everything you’ll need to make the most of this amazing opportunity.

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Halloween is “National Evangelism Day”—it’s the one time of the year that kids come to your door for candy…and a tract! This box gives you everything you’ll need to make the most of this amazing opportunity.

Individually these tracts would be $26, but for a limited time we’re offering them for $20. (*Be sure to give candy with your tracts.)

The box includes:

  • Albert Brainstein (ideal for pre-teens; this fun comic helps kids memorize the Ten Commandments as a springboard into the gospel; 100-count)
  • Halloween Million Dollar Bill (ideal for teens and parents; 100-count)
  • Curved Illusion for Kids (all-age friendly, with Halloween colors; this interactive tract is an entertaining optical illusion that you demonstrate; 100-count)



“Kids and parents LOVED the illusion tracts! The kids would say “Trick or treat!” and I asked, “Do you want a trick AND a treat?” I would show them the illusion and they were amazed; then I told them they could have one to take home. We prepared snack bags with one set of the cards (one orange, one black) with pieces of candy. The kids would run off saying, “I got a trick and a treat!” and most of the parents said, “Thanks, that was really neat!” We also prepared snack bags with a money tract and candy and gave those to older trick or treaters. I would just say, “Who wants some Halloween money?!” and they would smile and take the bags. Best “National Evangelism Day” ever!”
– Sylvia L.

“These are amazing tracts to give out at the Halloween seasonal stores that pop up around this time of year! I just stand out front and say “did you get one of these before you go inside.” I gave out six hundred in three or four days and had to order more! These can also be handed out to the lines of the haunted houses that come to town this time of year!”
– Devon M.

“When people come up to the door on Halloween (Reformation Day) and say Trick or Treat, I say , “Do you want the Treat first or the Trick?” They look at each other and say, “WE WANT THE TRICK!” I proceed to show them the curved illusion, they are amazed and then they get candy and the Gospel tract.”
– Stephanie D.

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